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I am what is called a Forensic Collision Homicide Reconstruction Specialist. I make use of Forensic Tools, Principles and methods - mostly for fatal road traffic collision (Culpable Homicide or Murder) cases, for the purpose of determining how (not why) a collision occurred. In this capacity, I then compile reports, to which I ultimately testify in a court of law, as an Expert Witness.

With 20 years experience, I have spent most of my career enhancing my skills and I am still learning. I firmly believe that on-going study, education, learning, experience and exposure helps us grow, ensures that we correct our errors and makes us more valuable contributors in our careers.

I invite you to browse over my website and to familiarize yourself with the kind of services I render or to reach out and engage with me. I cannot see why we should not at least start a dialogue.

If you are interested in knowing how I am viewed in my industry, internationally, feel free to visit my LinkedIn Profile where you can either read some of my articles or connect with me.

For some more objective impressions, feel free to read the following references:


I worked with Stan on researching needs for TAI and TAR training programs on an international basis, and found him to be most competent in this field.

R.W. (Bob) Rivers - International Author, Nanaimo, Canada

I contacted Stan [IBF] to investigate an unusual public transport accident in the early 2000s, specifically for their expertise in Road Traffic and Accident Reconstruction Analysis. 

At the time Stan Bezuidenhout was the only person offering these skills, and up until today he and his partner remain the leading experts in this field, in South Africa. 

They are absolute professionals, committed to their craft, who have repeatedly demonstrated thoroughness, integrity, ability, and dedication to their responsibilities - be it on a scene, or in a court room. As a client, you are assured of receiving the highest quality service and outcome. 

I cannot recommend Stan Bezuidenhout - and his services - highly enough - he is a true professional and a credit to the industry.

Brenda G. Sudano - Engineering Project Management / Civil Engineering / Technical / Transport Planning / Event Venue Transport Specialist

"I have known Stan for more than a few years. He is outstanding in the field of accident/collision reconstruction and pursues knowledge with an insatiable appetite. His high standards are indicative of his pursuit of excellence and his awareness of the importance of what he does. 

Stan has travelled extensively, pursuing advanced technical knowledge, training and skills on different continents. Stan seeks out advanced training, puts it to practice, excels at it and then pays it forward. His drive for the utmost in professionalism can be seen in his willingness to share his knowledge, provide training and consulting and to push others to improve. He shares information on Youtube channel and has launched an Online Accident Investigation Training College. 

When he accepts an investigation there is nothing that will get in his way to uncover every possible bit of evidence. Stan is extremely knowledgeable in this field and there is no amount of obstruction or deterrence that will prevent him from providing the most accurate and in-depth results. In fact, should there be obstructions put in his way it only serves as a catalyst to ensure he uncovers everything. Stan has sought out training from some of the giants in the industry, has a tremendous network of professionals and stands among the best. 

I believe that one of Stan's greatest attributes is his straight forward and clear talk. He will not sugar coat his findings or his conversations. With Stan you know right away where he stands and what you can expect."

Russ Heslop - Director, HRH  & Associates Collision Consulting, Toronto, Canada

Stan is an expert in identifying and addressing risk within the transport and logistics industry. Couple that with his forensic science approach in analyzing and making recommendations he is definitely the best in the industry.

Peet Wessels - Managing Director, Logistics Specialist Consulting, Johannesburg, South Africa

I've had the pleasure of participating in classes with Stan and working with him on some cases. He is diligent and able to think outside the box. Another key strength is his ability to leverage technology in his analysis to gain reconstruction insights, and is the presentation of his results.

Craig Luker - Forensic Engineer, Crash Teams Pacific Northwest, Auburn, USA

I had the esteemed pleasure of engaging Mr. Bezuidenhout 4 years ago in what was (and still is) the most serious vehicular collision in South Africa.

As the Defense Attorney engaged in the matter , I had to engage an expert of immense experience.

When I met Stan for the 1st time, I was captivated by his sense of urgency , wisdom and his application of methodology..

Armed with the latest forensic tools, coupled with his intuitive interrogation of the scene, vehicular damages and the roadway- Stan compiled a report that was beyond reproach.

In my opinion, Stan Bezuidenhout is not just an expert, but an authority.

Theasen Pillay - Senior Partner, TPA Legal Services, Durban, South Africa

I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Stan for about 15 years now. Having met Stan while working on street-racing related projects from a law enforcement perspective we have come to work with each other a number of times over the years since.

I've found Stan's integrity, passion and unparalleled experience in Collision Investigation and Reconstruction to be exemplary of the type of drive and energy that the forensics industry depends on.

I've watched and where possible assisted over the years as he has brought the latest technologies to bear on his field, from telemetry to more and more advanced analysis software, drones and more. If I needed to know what state of the art technology is in use internationally in Crash Reconstruction - Stan would be my first port of call.

As a subject-matter expert, he excels in the preparation of written material, his understanding of the South African Legal system is invaluable as is his ability to impart the information that he has learned within a training environment.

Craig Pedersen - CFE, CCCI, Digital Forensics Practitioner & OsInt/ Due Diligence, Fraud &Cybercrime investigator, Speaker