History and Expertise

Profile Summary

This is a brief overview of who I am:

Accomplished and driven Military Veteran with years of success in Road Traffic Collision Investigation, Training, Analysis, Reconstruction, Court Testimony and Tactical Risk Analysis. My expertise entails managing the day-to-day operations of Investigation Agencies and Commercial Transport Risk Mitigation, overseeing all aspects of the business, devising strategies to drive operational success, collaborating with the authorities, managing the financial facets, and ensuring compliance with relevant state laws. Holds a deep understanding of Military Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, and International Investigation Protocols. Analytical problem-solver with a proven track record of conducting comprehensive investigations, analyzing records, sources, and leads to analyze facts, gather evidence and produce detailed reports to resolve complex cases. Possessed the ability and knowledge to utilize professional skills and expertise to elevate the business and promote personal learning.

Key Achievements

These are some of my key achievements, but not all of them:


- Achieved OEM Status for Fusion Lighting Technologies - Light Drive 1000 Plasma Lighting System.

- Achieved OEM Status for Cylinear Lighting Technologies - Cylinear Light Pipe Technology

- Achieved OEM Status for Ply-Light Corporation - Ply-Light Light Pipe Technology

- Appointed as first Product Specialist and Reseller - Magellan GPS Technology

- Appointed as In-vehicle Telephony Installer and Product Distributor - Nokia Cellular Telephone Devices


- Designed Complete Lighting Solution - St. George’s Cricket Stadium in Port Elizabeth South Africa

- Developed Software Solutions for the Visual illustration of Lighting Glare Levels - 328 Lamps at St. George’s Cricket Stadium, in Port Elizabeth South Africa

- Conducted Product Viability and Illumination Comparison Research - Delta Motor Corporation, Port Elizabeth South Africa

- Received Letter of Endorsement - Port Elizabeth Executive Committee


- Developed IES Files for use in the Lighting Industry - IES Software Platform

- Developed a Circadian Day/Night Sleep Adjustment Centre Solution - Sasol South Africa, Mossel Bay South Africa

- Conducted Product Viability and Illumination Comparison Research - Caltex South Africa, Port Elizabeth South Africa

- Developed a Lighting Solution Model for Chicken Production Farming - Rainbow Chickens, Port Elizabeth South Africa


Conducted Product Viability and Illumination Comparison Research - PortNet, Port Elizabeth South Africa.


- Established Independent Bureau of Forensic Investigation - First Private Collision Response Unit in South Africa

- Engaged as Software Beta Tester and Content and Feature Contributor - Visual Statement Software, developed in Kamloops BC, Canada

- Received Letter of Endorsement - Eastern Cape Training Centre


- Factory Visit - Volvo South Africa Plant, Johannesburg South Africa

- Declared Brand Ambassador for Volvo Motor Vehicles - Two New Volvo S40 Vehicles Received in Sponsorship

- Received Letter of Endorsement for Service - Hot-Line Insurance, Port Elizabeth

- Received Letter of Endorsement for Service - Mutual & Federal Insurance, Port Elizabeth


- Engaged as first Private Forensic Investigation Unit under Project LUFT - Road Accident Fund of South Africa

- Received Letter of Endorsement for Service - Santam Insurance, Port Elizabeth


- Engaged as Software Beta Tester and Content and Feature Contributor - Vista Fx Software, developed in Kamloops BC, Canada

- Received Letter of Endorsement - Office of Road Risk Assessment, Tswane Metropolitan Police Department


- Launched Project A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T (Advanced Critical Crash Investigation through the Designation of-, and Education by Non-Government Technology Partners) - National Department of Transport, South Africa.


- Declared Brand Ambassador for General Motors (Delta) - Two New Opel Vehicles Received in Sponsorship

- Co-launched and managed Project Handbrake re Illegal Street racing Enforcement Operation - Cape Town South Africa

- Received Endorsement for Project A.C.C.I.D.E.N.T. - Chief Director, National Transport Regulation

- Received Letter of Endorsement - Milnerton Community Policing Forum

- Received Letter of Appreciation for Assistance in Crime Scene Investigation - South African Police Service, Table Bay Harbor

- Engaged as Private Contractor to Investigate and Reconstruct the most serious Crash Cases in South Africa - National Department of Transport, Road Traffic Management Corporation (until 2009)


- Declared Brand Ambassador for Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles South Africa - Two New Mercedes Benz Vito Vehicles Received in Sponsorship

- Mobilized the First Mobile Forensic Laboratory for Crash Scene Investigation in South Africa - Cape Town, South Africa

- Opened first Privately-Owned Collision Vehicle Examination Laboratory in South Africa - Cape Town, South Africa

- Received Letter of Endorsement for Service - Unitrans Fuel & Chemical, South Africa


- Received Token of Appreciation for Commitment - South African Police Service, Milnerton, Cape Town, South Africa


- Declared Brand Ambassador for Barons Volkswagen - Two New Volkswagen Vehicles Received in Sponsorship

- Declared Brand Ambassador for Auto Atlantic BMW - New BMW Vehicle Received in Sponsorship


- Designed an At-scene and Post-event Accident Investigation Kit - Presented to market, for sale

- Engaged as Software Beta Tester and Content and Feature Contributor - Aras360 Software, developed in Kamloops BC


- Developed 124-Point At-scene and Post-Event Accident Investigation Protocol - Dubbed the “IBF Protocol”


- Started research into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photography - DJI Flamewheel 550


- Upgraded to Commercial Drone, for Forensic Collision Investigations - Extreme Multicopters, 600 Size Quadcopter

- Received Letter of Endorsement from National Department of Transport - Director General of Transport


- Filmed and Produced Crash Capital Series Showreel - Cape Town, South Africa


- Served on CUAASA Board of Founding Members - Introducing Commercial Drone Operations in South Africa

- Accepted as contributing member, to South African Terrorist Analysis Centre - National Body of Counter-Terror and Law Enforcement Specialists


- Established Crash Guys (Pty) Ltd - National Agency, South Africa

- Established Crash Guys LLC - Nevada, USA


- Established IBF Investigations, LLC - Nevada, USA

- Conducted a Security Survey at the Gaylord Palms Hotel  - Orlando, Florida, USA, in cooperation with retired USSS Specialists


Filmed Semi-Truck Examination according to the FMCSA Guidelines - University of North Florida, Institute of Police Technology and Management, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Engaged to Author A Training Manual, based on the IBF Investigation Protocol - University of North Florida, Institute of Police Technology and Management, Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Professional Chronicles

These are some of the most relevant positions I have held, over the scope of my career: 

Managing Director:

IBF Investigations LLC, USA - 2018
IBF Investigations (Pty) Ltd, South Africa - 2019

Guys LLC  - 2018
Crash Guys (Pty) Ltd  -  2018
IBF Investigations (CC)  - 2010

- Acted as a Managing Director in various organizations such asIBF Investigations LLC, USA, IBF Investigations(Pty) Ltd, South Africa, Guys LLC, Crash Guys (Pty) Ltd, and IBF Investigations(CC). I was held responsible for establishing and implementing strategic plans, company policies and procedures, developing beneficial relations with clients and partners while maintaining an open dialogue with stakeholders, and driving organizational success.

- Developing and executing business strategies in an effort to ensure attainment of the organization's core objectives

- Formulating and implementing company policies and ensuring all employees comply with the regulatory procedures

- Overseeing the operational efficiency of the company, identifying areas of opportunities and risks, and making recommendations to eliminate the risk factors and drive operational success

- Developing and maintaining long-standing lucrative relations with clients, partners, and other stakeholders

- Representing the company in various tradeshows, conferences, media, and creating brand awareness while demonstrating the mission and vision of the company

- Developing and implementing comprehensive business strategies to ensure achievement by planning cost-effective operations and various market development actions

- Ensuring company policies and legal guidelines are disseminated from the top management to employees in the company

- Adroitly and effectively managing the financial aspects of the company including investments and other business ventures

- Analyzing the problematic situations and occurrences and providing pragmatic and cost-effective solutions to ensure the company's survival and growth

- Spearheading team of professionals, responding to their queries and concerns promptly and effectively

Sole Proprietor:

IBF Investigations - 2002– 2010
Millennium Solutions - 2000 - 2012

Responsible for the proper execution of all services, marketing and growing the business, interviewing and hiring employees, keeping track of books, managing promotional and financial duties, and ensuring compliance with the state and federal laws.

- Formulated and implemented all internal company policies, processes, and protocols

- Demonstrated outstanding courtesy and robust interpersonal skills in all client interactions, conscientiously implemented all business-building expectations through web presence and social marketing

- Delivered professional advice in specialist areas drew on extensive knowledge and case history

- Fulfilled the human resource requirements through interviews, recruitment, training, and coaching of staff

Developed and maintained positive and trust-based relationships with clients, shareholders, and authorities

- Conducted analysis, gathered metrics, and collaborated with team members to create a comprehensive monthly operational presentation

- Developed actionable strategies that created measurable long-term value for organizations through insight and guidance to help clients proceed with confidence


National Manager
Mend-a-Bath Canada
1999 - 2000

Illumination International (Pty) Ltd
1996 - 1999

South African Systems & Electronics Group CC
1992 - 1996


These are some of the education and training I have received, over the scope of my career:


- Newton Technical High School - Senior Certificate NTC 3 NQF 4


- South Arican Navy Marines - NAVY Firearms

- South African Navy Marines - Passive Nightsite Certificate


- South African Defence Force Certificate


- Foster's Firearms Pty Ltd - Firearms Training


- MendABath International - Franchise Certificate

- MendABath International - International Trainer Certificate


- Technikon Pretoria - Basic Crash Investigation

- TEEX - Basic Crash Investigation

- Delta Driving Academy - Advanced Driving


- Fleet Control Systems - Air Brake System Maintenance


- Drager - Breathalyzer Safety Basic Operator


- Parow Arms and Ammo - Firearms Training

- South African Police Service - Operational Training


- Aras 360 - International Trainer


- Isuzu Off Road Academy- Advanced Driving


- National Tactical Training - Security Training Grade D


- College SA - Accident Scene Investigation

- College SA -Accident Scene Sketch Plan A

- College SA -Accident Scene Sketch Plan B

- College SA -Criminal Justice Certificate

- College SA -Measuring Methods A

- College SA -Measuring Methods B

- College SA -Report Writing A

- College SA -Report Writing B

- College SA -Road Traffic Accidents and Collisions A

- College SA -Road Traffic Accidents and Collisions B

- College SA -Search & Seizure of Criminal Procedure Act A

- College SA -Search & Seizure of Criminal Procedure Act B

- College SA -South African Criminal Law A

- College SA -South African Criminal Law B

- College SA -The South African Criminal Justice System A

- College SA -The South African Criminal Justice System B

- Basil's Arms and Ammunition CC - Firearms Training


- High Powered Security Services Competency - Firearms Training

- SA Professional Firearm Trainers Council - Firearms Training


- Forensics4Africa - National Certificate Forensic Science NQF 5

- Udemy Online Training - Forensic Psychology

- Udemy Online Training - Water Related Deaths


- Visual Plan - Project Management, Documentation and 360 Degree Capturing

- Udemy Online Training - Bloodborne Pathogens

- Udemy Online Training - Forensic Anthropology

- Udemy Online Training - Criminal Psychology Fundamentals

- Udemy Online Training - Accident Investigation

- TEEX - Civilian Response to Active Shooter Certificate

- Udemy Online Training - How Pennsylvania Injury and Tort Cases are Settled

- Udemy Online Training - Analysis of Criminal Behavior

- Udemy Online Training - Anti Money Laundering and Countering Terrorist Financing


- Udemy Online Training - Conducting Safety Meetings

- Udemy Online Training - Data Analysis and Decision Making Models

- Udemy Online Training - OSHA Transport Safety Part 396 of FMCSA

- Udemy Online Training - PEACE Interviewing Method


- Udemy Online Training - Ericksonian Hypnotherapy

- Udemy Online Training - Instant and Rapid Hypnotic Inductions

- Udemy Online Training - Effective Mind Mapping

- Udemy Online Training - Brain and Behavioral Science Fundamentals

- Udemy Online Training - Instroduction to Personality Psychology

- Udemy Online Training - Memory Enhancement and Improvement

- Udemy Online Training - Computer Forensics Fundamentals

Books Published

While I am busy authoring two more, I have published the following books:

DIY Accident Investigation, Published in 2015 – Order Online

At-scene Accident Investigation,  Published in 2019 - Order Online

Memberships and Affiliations

I pride myself on my affiliations to the following establishments:

- Current Member of NAPARS (National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists)

- Current Member of Research Gate (Research Publication and Exchange Platform)

- Current Member of HighScope (Education Organization)

- Current Member of The American Communication Association (not-for-profit virtual professional association with actual presence in the world of communication scholars and practitioners)

- Current Members of US Press Agency (International Press Association, as Freelance Filmmaker).

- Member of Society of Automotive Engineers (International Vehicle Engineering Technologies platform), 2017 – 2018

- Member of Commercial Aircraft Association of South Africa (Government Body), 2016 – 2017

- Member of Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Association of South Africa , 2015 – 2017

- Board Member of Justice Project South Africa (a nongovernmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of road traffic law and its enforcement), 2012- 2014

- Specialist Reservist in South African Police Service (Government Entity), 2007 – 2013

- Board Member of South African Community Policing Forum (Eastern Cape), 2003 – 2005

Presentations and Events

Over the scope of my career, I have been very active remaining up to date, which includes:


- Presented on Forensic Principles to Eastern Cape Emergency Medical Services – Medical Emergency Training and Response Organization, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

- Live Emergency Attendance and Investigation Demonstration at Eastern Cape Emergency Services Expo - Port Elizabeth, South Africa

- Community Presentation and Development of an Operational Plan with Community Policing Forum - 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa


- Presented to SAPS on Crime Scene Technology from Yobin Yvon, CrimeScope and Spex Forensics - Pretoria, South Africa

- Launched Business For Health Emergency Service Ambulance, supporting METRO Rescue Service

- New Peugeot Vehicle received in Sponsorship


- Presented at Engen Crash Investigation Workshop - Sasolburg, South Africa


- Presented on Crash Investigation in the 21st Century for Fleetwatch Magazine - Drakensburg, South Africa


- Presented on Management of Evidence at Active Crime Scenes, to SAPS Members - Cape Town, South Africa

- Presented on Crash Evidence Management at Active Crash Scenes, to SAPS Members - Worcester, South Africa

 - Presented to International Audience at RTMC International Conference - Johannesburg, South Africa


- Presented to International Audience at RTMC International Conference - Cape Town, South Africa

- Presented on Active Crime and Crash Scene Management to SAPS and Other Emergency Services - Worcester, South Africa


- Attended First International Conference on Driver Distraction - Gothenburg, Sweden 

- Presented to International Audience at RTMC International Conference - Cape Town, South Africa


- Presented to mass audience on Road Safety Awareness at Drift Nights Motorsports Event - Cape Town, South Africa

 - Presented on Forensic Science for future generations at the Future Leaders Conference - Johannesburg, South Africa


- Attended Live Explosives Test and Evaluation - CSIR Explosives Testing Facility, Wallmannstahl, South Africa


- Presented on Transport Risk Mitigation to International Audience at the Chemical and Allied Industry Association Conference - Durban, South Africa

 - Presented on How to reduce Accident Risk and Manage On-the-road Risk more Effectively at Call to Action Conference - Johannesburg, South Africa

 - Presented on Forensic Collision Investigation at a SASOL Internal Training Event - Sasolburg, South Africa

 - Presented on Use of Drones (UAV’s) for Crash Investigation to South African Police Service - Beaufort West, South Africa

 - Presented on Crash Scene Investigation to South African Police Service Collision Units - Johannesburg, South Africa


- Presented on The Need for Forensic Traffic Collision Investigation at Call to Action Conference - Johannesburg, South Africa

- Presented on Hugin X1 Military Drone Technology, Closed event, for Popular Mechanics Magazine - Hartbeespoort, South Africa


- Presented on Accident Investigation and New Entrants into the field at Tomorrow’s Leaders Conference - Johannesburg, South Africa

 - Panel Member on Road Safety - Road Freight Association Conference - Durban, South Africa

 - Attended Live Crash Conference- ARC CSI - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


- Attended South African Bus Owners’ Association (SABOA) Conference - CSIR, Johannesburg, South Africa


- Presented on The Impact of Road Traffic Legislation on Insurance Contracts (Annual Road Traffic and Transport Legislation Workshops - Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, South Africa


- Attended Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2019 - Chicago, Illinois, USA

- Attended International Security Conference (ISC) East - New York, New York, USA